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How to add new Features in Analyzer [From Previous Forum]  

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despite of the great possibilities and functionality of Proline I suggest the implementation of Venn Diagrams to compare different dataset very quickly. For example by clicking in the different areas of the Venn diagram a list of identified peptids from the one or other sample appears...... a dream !!

Is there a possibility to include such modules (the function difference is already present, but with only 2 inputs) in the Analyzer by myself (how??) or has this to be done by the program developers??

Thanks for answers


This is a very interesting point and I have to confess that I already have a look on the existing algorithms implementing this kind of représentation :-). As a simplification a very first step could accept some constraints such as a limited number of sets (3 sets max for example) and could additionnally produce as output the cardinality of the possible intersections of sets (even for more than 3 sets). Thanks for your suggestion. 



If you have for instance 3 samples (A,B,C), 
it is possible to do a Diff (or Join) between A and B, and the do a Diff between the results and C.

To add Venn Diagrams is of course a good idea... Only software developer can do it directly in the project.



thanks a lot for your answers. 
For me, there seems to be nothing to do as to wait for a new version of prolinestudio......

Meanwhile I take the change to ask a second question to you:

Do you think about to round Proline by the possibility to Analyse isotope labeled samples (i.e. SILAC) in one of the next versions???
Then, of course, Proline will have the complete capacity to be a perfect Software suite for complex MS applications.




Concerning quantification in Proline the next steps scheduled is to handle isobaric labelling and for label free quantification to take fractionation into account. This means that isotopic labeling won’t be in the next release but we have this as a target for future version.