News ProFI (Sept. 2016)


ProFI published a new paper untitled “Looking for missing proteins in the proteome of human spermatozoa: an update” (Vandenbrouck et al. JPR 2016).

ProFI is also associated to two additionnal papers related to the Human Proteome Project (Deutsch et al., JPR 2016; Duek et al., JPR 2016).


Workshop “Bioinformatics applied to proteomics”, Toulouse 08 Sept.  2016

ProFI is organizing a workshop dedicated to computational proteomics (ProFI contact: Read More.


ProFI is involved in the HUPO2016 Bioinformatics Hub

Like last year, ProFI is part for the organizing committee of the HUPO 2016 Bioinformatics Hub, a hands-on meeting aiming at developping and executing original bioinformatics analyses on the publicly available human proteomics data (ProFI contact:


Next ProFI training session, Grenoble 5-8 Dec. 2016

This training session will be dedicated to data analysis using the software suite developed by ProFI, Proline. More information about the schedule of this trainning session is available on the Training section  (ProFI contact: