What is ProFi

Like what was observed with Genomics, the development of Proteomics has an increasing impact on biology. However, the full description of all the individual proteins present in a proteome is still beyond today’s analytical capacity. Therefore, a major effort is being made by the international scientific community to develop new methods and computing tools which will significantly improve the speed and throughput of protein analysis. The wish of the french government to create a national proteomic infrastructure (ProFI) comes within the framework of these international efforts.


ProFI is a shared national proteomics infrastructure which groups together the Grenoble, Toulouse and Strasbourg platforms. In a field where multidisciplinarity is required, the critical mass of expertise assembled in ProFI gives to this infrastructure a true capacity for innovation, in particular in the fields of computing/bioinformatics and method development for high throughput targeted and global quantitative proteomics. These innovations are being primarily applied to the dynamic analysis of biological systems and the discovery of new biomarkers of pathologies.


ProFI infrastructure sets up ambitious training workshops to spread the developments accomplished (softwares, methods, standards) over the French proteomic community.


Methodological progresses achieved by ProFI teams allow the participation of the Infrastructure to several ambitious projects of national and international priorities, such as the Human Proteome Project (HPP).


To make the services offered by the ProFI infrastructure more widely available, ProFI is setting up a highly technical environment compatible with the production and treatment of high quality data at very high throughput. This will ultimately lead to the creation of a national Proteomics portal (2016) which will allow any academic or industrial actor to contact ProFI with the aim of collaboration.