WP3 : Evaluation of protein biomarkers of diseases and targeted proteomics approaches using SRM quantification

Targeted proteomics approaches using LC-SRM quantification have become the most promising strategies for robust evaluation of candidate biomarkers. The goal of WP3 of ProFI is to set up high throughout and robust LC-SRM quantification platforms in the three sites of the infrastructure. To achieve this goal and undertake large scale biomarker verification projects, the following tasks are ongoing:

  • Establishment of a cross-laboratory LC-SRM platforms performance standard
  • Evaluation and comparison of LC-SRM couplings (chromatography scaling, multiplexing capabilities, etc.)
  • Accumula tion of data and knowledge on heavy labeled protein/peptide standards (solubilisation, dilution, mid/long-term storage, etc.)
  • Establishment of an automated data processing pipeline (in line with WP2)
  • Establishment of guidelines for SRM assay development and data interpretation
LC-SRM - Click to enlarge

LC-SRM – Click to enlarge