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Lefrançais, Emma; Roga, Stéphane; Gautier, Violette; Gonzalez de Peredo, Anne ; Monsarrat, Bernard; Girard, Jean-Philippe; Cayrol, Corinne

IL-33 is processed into mature bioactive forms by neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G Article de journal

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109 (5), p. 1673–8, 2012.


Adrait, Annie ; e Lebert, Doroth ; Trauchessec, Mathieu ; Dupuis, Alain ; Louwagie, Mathilde ; Masselon, Christophe ; Jaquinod, Michel ; t Chevalier, Beno ; ois Vandenesch, Fran ; r me Garin, J; Bruley, Christophe ; Brun, Virginie

Development of a Protein Standard Absolute Quantification (PSAQ???) assay for the quantification of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin A in serum Article de journal

Journal of Proteomics, 75 (10), p. 3041–3049, 2012, ISSN: 1874-3919 18743919.



Label-free quantification and shotgun analysis of complex proteomes by one-dimensional SDS-PAGE NanoLC-MS : evaluation for the large scale analysis of inflammatory human endothelial ... Label-free Quantification and Shotgun Analysis of Complex Proteomes Article de journal

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, (April 2012), 2012.


Angénieux, C; Waharte, F; Gidon, A; Signorino-Gelo, F; Wurtz, V; Hojeij, R; Proamer, F; Gachet, C; van Dorsselaer, A; Hanau, D; Salamero, J; De la Salle, H

Lysosomal-Associated Transmembrane Protein 5 (LAPTM5) Is a Molecular Partner of CD1e Article de journal

PLoS ONE, 7 (8), p. e42634, 2012.


Atmanene, C; Petiot-Bécard, S; Zeyer, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Hannah, Vivat V; Sanglier-Cianférani, S

Exploring key parameters to detect subtle ligand-induced protein conformational changes using traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry Article de journal

Anal Chem, 84 (11), p. 4703-10, 2012.


Barthélemy, N R; Bednarczyk, A; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Jullien, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Cavusoglu, N

Proteomic tools for the investigation of human hair structural proteins and evidence of weakness sites on hair keratin coil segments Article de journal

Anal. Biochem, 421 , p. 43-55, 2012.


Beck, A; Sanglier-Cianferani, S; Dorsselaer, Van A

Biosimilar, Biobetter, and Next Generation Antibody Characterization by Mass Spectrometry Article de journal

Anal Chem, 84 (7), p. 4637-4646, 2012.


Tardif, Marianne; Atteia, Ariane; Specht, Michael; Cogne, Guillaume; Rolland, Norbert; Brugière, Sabine; Hippler, Michael; Ferro, Myriam; Bruley, Christophe; Peltier, Gilles; Vallon, Olivier; Cournac, Laurent

PredAlgo: a new subcellular localization prediction tool dedicated to green algae. Article de journal

Molecular biology and evolution, 29 (12), p. 3625-39, 2012.


Bruley, C; Dupierris, V; Salvi, D; Rolland, N; Ferro, M

AT_CHLORO: A Chloroplast Protein Database Dedicated to Sub-Plastidial Localization Article de journal

Front Plant Sci, 3 , p. 205, 2012.


Mininno, M; Brugiere, S; Pautre, V; Gilgen, A; Ma, S; Ferro, M; Tardif, M; Alban, C; Ravanel, S

Characterization of chloroplastic fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolases as lysine-methylated proteins in plants Article de journal

J Biol Chem, 287 (25), p. 21034-21044, 2012.


Thuong, Bui The M; Catala, C; Colas, C; Schaeffer, C; Dorsselaer, Van A; Mann, A; Wagner, A

Trimethoxyarene as a Highly Ionizable Tag for Reaction Analysis by Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Mass Spectrometry APPI/MS): Exploration of Heterocyclic Synthesis Article de journal

Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2012 , p. 85–92, 2012.

Christine, C; Koubemba, M; Shakir, S; Clavier, S; Ehret-Sabatier, L; Saupe, F; Orend, G; Charbonniere, L J

Synthesis of an activated phosphonated bifunctional chelate with potential for PET imaging and radiotherapy Article de journal

Org Biomol Chem, 10 (46), p. 9183-90, 2012, ISSN: 1477-0539 (Electronic) 1477-0520 (Linking).


Cousido-Siah, A; Ayoub, D; Berberian, G; Bollo, M; Dorsselaer, Van A; Debaene, F; DiPolo, R; Petrova, T; Schulze-Briese, C; Olieric, V; Esteves, A; Mitschler, A; Sanglier-Cianferani, S; Beauge, L; Podjarny, A

Structural and functional studies of ReP1-NCXSQ, a protein regulating the squid nerve Na+/Ca2+ exchanger Article de journal

Acta Cryst, D68 , p. 1098–1107, 2012.

Cousido-Siah, A; Petrova, T; Hazemann, I; Mitschler, A; Ruiz, F X; Howard, E; Ginell, S; Atmanene, C; Dorsselaer, Van A; Sanglier-Cianferani, S; Joachimiak, A; Podjarny, A

Crystal packing modifies ligand binding affinity: the case of aldose reductase Article de journal

Proteins-structure function and bioinfomatics, 80 (11), p. 2552-61, 2012.


Journet, Agnès; Klein, Gérard; Brugière, Sabine; Vandenbrouck, Yves; Chapel, Agnès; Kieffer, Sylvie; Bruley, Christophe; Masselon, Christophe; Aubry, Laurence

Investigating the macropinocytic proteome of Dictyostelium amoebae by high-resolution mass spectrometry Article de journal

Proteomics, 12 (2), p. 241-245, 2012.


Halter, D; Goulhen-Chollet, F; Gallien, S; Casiot, C; Hamelin, J; Gilard, F; Heintz, D; Schaeffer, C; Carapito, C; Dorsselaer, Van A; Tcherkez, G; Arsène-Ploetze, F; Bertin, PN.

In situ proteo-metabolomics reveals metabolite secretion by the acid mine drainage bio-indicator, Euglena mutabilis. Article de journal

ISME J., 2012 , p. 1-12, 2012.


Heintz, D; Gallien, S; Compagnon, V; Berna, A; Suzuki, M; Yoshida, S; Muranaka, T; Dorsselaer, Van A; Schaeffer, C; Bach, T J; Schaller, H

Phosphoproteome exploration reveals a reformatting of cellular processes in response to low sterol biosynthetic capacity in Arabidopsis Article de journal

J. Proteome Res., 11 , p. 1228−1239, 2012.


Govin, Jerome; Gaucher, Jonathan; Ferro, Myriam; Debernardi, Alexandra; Garin, Jerome; Khochbin, Saadi; Rousseaux, Sophie

Proteomic strategy for the identification of critical actors in reorganization of the post-meiotic male genome Article de journal

Molecular Human Reproduction, 18 (1), p. 1-13, 2012.


Laux, A; Delalande, F; Mouheiche, J; Stuber, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Bianchi, E; Bezard, E; Poisbeau, P; Goumon, Y

Localization of endogenous morphine-like compounds in the mouse spinal cord Article de journal

J. comp. Neurol., 520 (7), p. 1547-1561, 2012.

Laux-Biehlmann, A; Grafe, N; Mouheiche, J; Stuber, D; Welters, I D; Delalande, F; Poisbeau, P; Garnero, P; Metz-Boutigue, M H; Schneider, F; Goumon, Y

Comparison of serum and lithium-heparinate plasma for the accurate measurements of endogenous and exogenous morphine concentrations Article de journal

Br J Clin Pharmacol, 74 (2), p. 381-3, 2012, ISSN: 1365-2125 (Electronic) 0306-5251 (Linking).


Lelong, C; Chevallet, M; Diemer, H; Luche, S; Dorsselaer, Van A; Rabilloud, T

Improved proteomic analysis of nuclear proteins, as exemplified by the comparison of two myeloid cell lines nuclear proteomes Article de journal

J Proteomics, 77 , p. 577-602, 2012, ISSN: 1876-7737 (Electronic).


Mori, M; Schult-Dietrich, P; Szafarowicz, B; Humbert, N; Debaene, F; Sanglier-Cianferani, S; Dietrich, U; Mély, Y; Botta, M

Use of virtual screening for discovering antiretroviral compounds interacting with the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein. Article de journal

Virus Res, 169 (2), p. 377-87, 2012.


Patramool, S; Choumet, V; Surasombatpattana, P; Sabatier, L; Thomas, F; Thongrungkiat, S; Rabilloud, T; Boulanger, N; Biron, D G; Misse, D

Update on the proteomics of major arthropod vectors of human and animal pathogens Article de journal

Proteomics, 12 (23-24), p. 3510-23, 2012, ISSN: 1615-9861 (Electronic) 1615-9853 (Linking).


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