ProFi Achievements

Major publications

Mass spectrometry analysis of IL-33 proteolytic maturation

IL-33 is a mediator of allergic inflammation and is localized in mucosal tissues to respond rapidly to environmental insults. These include allergens themselves, which can directly activate IL-33 through their intrinsic proteolytic activity. We used mass spectrometry to characterize maturation processes induced by allergens, involved in activation of IL-33 and asthma.

N-terminal oriented proteomics approach

Mass-spectrometry based proteomics combined with N-terminal chemical labelling using TMPP allows the characterization of proteolytic cleavage sites of Persephone by microbial proteases

Top 3-ID-DIA method

The MS Top 3-ID-DIA method allows global Host Cell Proteins (HCP) profiling and absolute quantification of key HCP within a single analysis, and therefore constitutes a promising alternative to classical ELISA kits to support bioprocess development.

cHPP Paper: sperm proteomics

In the context of the C-HPP worldwide effort, ProFI as a partner of the French-Swiss consortium, contributed to the targeted search of 38 theoretically detectable missing proteins (MPs) from chromosomes 2 and 14 various sperm fractions from a total of 15 healthy donors.