ProFI Organization


ProFI is a national infrastructure in Proteomics and provide tools, methods and services to the academic and private partners in all fields of biology.

At the heart of life sciences and health lies a need to decrypt the major cellular mechanisms. This description necessarily involves characterisation of the molecular actors, in particular proteins, involved in these mechanisms.
The ProFI infrastructure focuses its R&D activity on the development of tools and methods to allow increasingly specific characterisation of the proteins making up biological systems. The stakes being played for with this strategy are considerable, since thanks to the efforts made by the major proteomics centres and to advances in instrumentation and calculation capacities, proteomics analysis should eventually allow creation of a repertoire of all of the proteins contained in a biological sample, along with their abundance and the interactions which link them. This analysis should also make it possible to “visualise” almost the whole sequence of proteins, providing access to posttranslational modifications.
Within ProFI, this information is sought in the context of the study of the dynamics of biological systems: protein complexes, intracellular compartments, cells, or even tissues.

In addition to the R&D efforts undertaken, ProFI’s mission is:

  • to offer the community a high-quality service in terms of proteomics analysis as part of collaborations or paid-for services.
  • to help innervate the very numerous French proteomics platforms by sharing know-how and tools developed by the infrastructure.

Contact: Myriam Ferro (Scientific coordinator)


The ProFI-PA (associated platforms) network was created in October 2022 with the aim of bringing together IBISA platforms in the field of proteomics.

Led by ProFI-CORE, ProFI-PA’s activities include drafting of a perspective document for the proteomics community and coordinating events for the whole community (training courses, etc.). Thus ProFI-PA proposes initiatives particularly in conjunction with

  1. National societies for proteomics (FPS) and for mass spectrometry (SFSM),
  2. IBiSA (e.g. call Frisbi/FBI/ProFI),
  3. National institutions (e.g. CNRS thematic schools).

Platforms of the ProFI-PA network are ready to take on service requests. Do not hesitate to contact them to know more about their specific expertise and application fields. A link to each platform website is provided on the map of France.

  • ProFI-CORE nodes

  • IBiSA Platforms members of ProFI-PA