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Cayrol, Corinne; Duval, Anaïs; Schmitt, Pauline; Roga, Stéphane; Stella, Mylène Camusand Alexandre; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile; Gonzalez de Peredo, Anne ; Girard, Jean-Philippe

Environmental allergens induce allergic inflammation through proteolytic maturation of IL-33 (Article de journal)

Nat Immunol, 19 (4), p. 375-385, 2018.

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Garcia, Lény; Girod, Marion; Rompais, Magali; Dugourd, Philippe; Carapito, Christine; Lemoine, Jérôme

Data-Independent Acquisition Coupled to Visible Laser-Induced Dissociation at 473 nm (DIA-LID) for Peptide-Centric Specific Analysis of Cysteine-Containing Peptide Subset (Article de journal)

Anal Chem., 90 (6), p. 3928-3935, 2018.

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Dovgan, I; Erb, S; Hessmann, S; Ursuegui, S; Michel, C; Muller, C; Chaubet, G; Cianférani, S; Wagner, A

Arginine-selective bioconjugation with 4-azidophenyl glyoxal: application to the single and dual functionalisation of native antibodies (Article de journal)

Org Biomol Chem., 16 (8), p. 1305-1311, 2018.

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Issa, N; Guillaumot, N; Lauret, E; Matt, N; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Van Dorsselaer, A; Reichhart, J M; Veillard, F

The Circulating Protease Persephone Is an Immune Sensor for Microbial Proteolytic Activities Upstream of the Drosophila Toll Pathway (Article de journal)

Mol Cell, 69 (4), p. 539-550 e6, 2018.

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Ehkirch, A; D'Atri, V; Rouvière, F; Hernandez-Alba, O; Goyon, A; Colas, O; Sarrut, M; Beck, A; Guillarme, D; Heinisch, S; Cianférani, S

An online four-dimensional HICxSEC-IMxMS methodology for proof-of-concept characterization of antibody drug conjugates (Article de journal)

Anal Chem., 90 (3), p. 1578-1586, 2018.

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Lacombe, Maud; Marie-Desvergne, Caroline; Combes, Florence; Kraut, Alexandra; Bruley, Christophe; Vandenbrouck, Yves; Mossuz, Véronique Chamel; Couté, Yohann; Brun, Virginie

Proteomic characterization of human exhaled breath condensate (Article de journal)

Journal of Breath Research, 12 (2), p. 021001, 2018, ISSN: 1752-7163.

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Grzela, R; Nusbaum, J; Fieulaine, S; Lavecchia, F; Desmadril, M; Nhiri, N; Van Dorsselaer, A; Cianférani, S; Jacquet, E; Meinnel, T; Giglione, C

Peptide deformylases from Vibrio parahaemolyticus phage and bacteria display similar deformylase activity and inhibitor binding clefts (Article de journal)

Biochim Biophys Acta., 1866 (2), p. 348-355, 2018.

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A, Métais; I, Lamsoul; A, Melet; S, Uttenweiler-Joseph; R, Poincloux; S, Stefanovic; A, Valière; de A, Gonzalez Peredo; A, Stella; O, Burlet-Schiltz; S, Zaffran; PG, Lutz; C, Moog-Lutz

Asb2α-Filamin A Axis Is Essential for Actin Cytoskeleton Remodeling During Heart Development (Article de journal)

Circ Res., 122 (6), p. 34-48, 2018.

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Mori, M; Kovalenko, L; Malancona, S; Saladini, F; Forni, De D; Pires, M; Humbert, N; Real, E; Botzanowski, T; Cianférani, S; Giannini, A; Lang, MC. Dasso; Cugia, G; Poddesu, B; Lori, F; Zazzi, M; Harper, S; Summa, V; Mely, Y; Botta, M

Structure-Based Identification of HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein Inhibitors Active against Wild-Type and Drug-Resistant HIV-1 Strains (Article de journal)

ACS Chem Biol., 13 (1), p. 253-266, 2018.

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Husson, G; Delangle, A; O'Hara, J; Cianférani, S; Gervais, A; Van Dorsselaer, A; Bracewell, D; Carapito, C

Dual Data-Independent Acquisition Approach Combining Global HCP Profiling and Absolute Quantification of Key Impurities during Bioprocess Development (Article de journal)

Anal Chem., 90 (2), p. 1241-1247, 2018.

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L, Favre; A, Ortalo-Magné; C, Pichereaux; A, Gargaros; O, Burlet-Schiltz; V, Cotelle; G., Culioli

Metabolome and proteome changes between biofilm and planktonic phenotypes of the marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica TC8 (Article de journal)

Biofouling, 34 (2), p. 132-148, 2018.

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Rayapuram, Naganand; Bigeard, Jean; Alhoraibi, Hanna; Bonhomme, Ludovic; Hesse, Anne-Marie; Vinh, Joëlle; Hirt, Heribert; Pflieger, Delphine

Quantitative Phosphoproteomic Analysis Reveals Shared and Specific Targets ofArabidopsisMitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs) MPK3, MPK4, and MPK6 (Article de journal)

Molecular & cellular proteomics: MCP, 17 (1), p. 61–80, 2018, ISSN: 1535-9484.

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Burger, Thomas

Gentle Introduction to the Statistical Foundations of False Discovery Rate in Quantitative Proteomics (Article de journal)

Journal of Proteome Research, 17 (1), p. 12–22, 2018, ISSN: 1535-3907.

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Kennani, Sara El; Crespo, Marion; Govin, Jérôme; Pflieger, Delphine

Proteomic Analysis of Histone Variants and Their PTMs: Strategies and Pitfalls (Article de journal)

Proteomes, 6 (3), 2018, ISSN: 2227-7382.

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Kennani, Sara El; Adrait, Annie; Permiakova, Olga; Hesse, Anne-Marie; Ialy-Radio, Côme; Ferro, Myriam; Brun, Virginie; Cocquet, Julie; Govin, Jérôme; Pflieger, Delphine

Systematic quantitative analysis of Ħ2A and Ħ2B variants by targeted proteomics (Article de journal)

Epigenetics & Chromatin, 11 (1), p. 2, 2018, ISSN: 1756-8935.

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Adam, Céline; Guérois, Raphaël; Citarella, Anna; Verardi, Laura; Adolphe, Florine; Béneut, Claire; Sommermeyer, Vérane; Ramus, Claire; Govin, Jérôme; Couté, Yohann; Borde, Valérie

The PHD finger protein Spp1 has distinct functions in the Set1 and the meiotic DSB formation complexes (Article de journal)

PLoS genetics, 14 (2), p. e1007223, 2018, ISSN: 1553-7404.

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Muyt, Arnaud De; Pyatnitskaya, Alexandra; Andréani, Jessica; Ranjha, Lepakshi; Ramus, Claire; Laureau, Raphaëlle; Fernandez-Vega, Ambra; Holoch, Daniel; Girard, Elodie; Govin, Jérome; Margueron, Raphaël; Couté, Yohann; Cejka, Petr; Guérois, Raphaël; Borde, Valérie

A meiotic XPF-ERCC1-like complex recognizes joint molecule recombination intermediates to promote crossover formation (Article de journal)

Genes & Development, 32 (3-4), p. 283–296, 2018, ISSN: 1549-5477.

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Petosa, Carlo; Govin, Jérôme; Mietton, Flore

[A new hope to fight invasive fungal infection] (Article de journal)

Medecine Sciences: M/S, 34 (2), p. 123–125, 2018, ISSN: 1958-5381.

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Garnaud, Cécile; García-Oliver, Encar; Wang, Yan; Maubon, Danièle; Bailly, Sébastien; Despinasse, Quentin; Champleboux, Morgane; Govin, Jérôme; Cornet, Muriel

The Rim Pathway Mediates Antifungal Tolerance in Candida albicans through Newly Identified Rim101 Transcriptional Targets, Including Hsp90 and Ipt1 (Article de journal)

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 62 (3), 2018, ISSN: 1098-6596.

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He, Huan; Brenier-Pinchart, Marie-Pierre; Braun, Laurence; Kraut, Alexandra; Touquet, Bastien; Couté, Yohann; Tardieux, Isabelle; Hakimi, Mohamed-Ali; Bougdour, Alexandre

Characterization of a Toxoplasma effector uncovers an alternative GSK3/β-catenin-regulatory pathway of inflammation (Article de journal)

eLife, 7 , 2018, ISSN: 2050-084X.

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