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Rejon, J D; Delalande, F; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Carapito, C; Zienkiewicz, K; de Alche, Dios J; Rodriguez-Garcia, M I; Dorsselaer, Van A; Castro, A J

Proteomics profiling reveals novel proteins and functions of the plant stigma exudate (Article de journal)

J Exp Bot, 64 (18), p. 5695-705, 2013.

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Triboulet, S; Aude-Garcia, C; Carriere, M; Diemer, H; Proamer, F; Habert, A; Chevallet, M; Collin-Faure, V; Strub, JM.; Hanau, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Herlin-Boime, N; Rabilloud, T

Molecular responses of mouse macrophages to copper and copper oxide nanoparticles inferred from proteomic analyses (Article de journal)

Mol Cell Proteomics, 12 (11), p. 3108-22, 2013.

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Wagner-Rousset, E; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Bednarczyk, A; Corvaïa, N; Dorsselaer, Van A; Beck, A

NanoLC Chips MS/MS for the characterization of N-glycopeptides generated from trypsin digestion of a monoclonal antibody (Article de journal)

Methods Mol Biol., 988 , p. 81-91, 2013.

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Walker, R; M, Gissot; Huot, L; Alayi, TD.; Hot, D; G, Marot; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Dorsselaer, Van A; Kim, K; Tomavo, S

Toxoplasma transcription factor TgAP2XI-5 regulates the expression of genes involved in parasite virulence and host invasion (Article de journal)

J Biol Chem, 288 (43), p. 31127-38, 2013.

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Yang, Z B; Eticha, D; Führs, H; Heintz, D; Ayoub, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Schlingmann, B; Rao, I M; Braun, H P; Horst, W J

Proteomic and phosphoproteomic analysis of polyethylene glycol-induced osmotic stress in root tips of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). (Article de journal)

J Exp Bot, 64 (18), p. 5569-86, 2013.


Uttenweiler-Joseph, Sandrine; Bouyssié, David; Calligaris, David; Lutz, Pierre G; Monsarrat, Bernard; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile

Quantitative proteomic analysis to decipher the differential apoptotic response of bortezomib-treated APL cells before and after retinoic acid differentiation reveals involvement of protein toxicity mechanisms (Article de journal)

Proteomics, 13 (1), p. 37-47, 2013.

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Theron, Laetitia; Fernandez, Xavier; Marty-Gasset, Nathalie; Chambon, Christophe; Viala, Didier; Pichereaux, Carole; Rossignol, Michel; Astruc, Thierry; Molette, Caroline

Proteomic analysis of duck fatty liver during post-mortem storage related to the variability of fat loss during cooking of "Foie gras" (Article de journal)

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 61 (4), p. 920-30, 2013.

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Fabre, Bertrand ; Lambour, Thomas ; Delobel, Julien ; Amalric, Franois ; Monsarrat, Bernard ; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile ; Bousquet-Dubouch, Marie-Pierre

Subcellular Distribution and Dynamics of Active Proteasome Complexes Unraveled by a Workflow Combining textless i textgreater in Vivo textless /i textgreater Complex Cross-Linking and Quantitative Proteomics (Article de journal)

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 12 (3), p. 687–699, 2013, ISSN: 1535-9476.

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Liu, C F; Tonini, L; Malaga, W; Beau, M; Stella, A; Bouyssie, D; Jackson, M C; Nigou, J; Puzo, G; Guilhot, C; Burlet-Schiltz, O; Riviere, M

Bacterial protein-O-mannosylating enzyme is crucial for virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Article de journal)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (16), p. 6560–6565, 2013, ISSN: 0027-8424.

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Beck, Alain ; l ne Diemer, H; Ayoub, Daniel ; ois Debaene, Fran ; Wagner-Rousset, Elsa ; and Carapito, Christine

Analytical characterization of biosimilar antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins (Article de journal)

TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 48 , p. 81–95, 2013, ISSN: 0165-9936 18793142.

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Klein, Julie ; Lacroix, Chrystelle ; Caubet, Ccile ; Siwy, Justyna ; Zrbig, Petra ; Dakna, Mohammed ; Muller, Franoise ; Breuil, Benjamin ; Stalmach, Angelique ; Mullen, William ; Mischak, Harald ; Bandin, Flavio ; Monsarrat, Bernard ; Bascands, Jean Loup ; Decramer, Stphane ; Schanstra, Joost P

Fetal urinary peptides to predict postnatal outcome of renal disease in fetuses with posterior urethral valves (PUV) (Article de journal)

Science Translational Medicine, 5 (198), 2013, ISSN: 19466234.

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Aslam, R; Laventie, B-J; Marban, C; Prévost, G; Keller, D; Strub, J-M; Van Dorsselaer, A; Haïkel, Y; Taddei, C; Metz-Boutigue, M-H

Activation of neutrophils by the two-component leukotoxin LukE/D from Staphylococcus aureus: a proteomic analysis of the secretions (Article de journal)

J Proteome Res., 12 (8), p. 3667-3678, 2013.


Aslam, R; Marban, C; Corazzol, C; Jehl, F; Delalande, F; Van Dorsselaer, A; Prévost, G; Haïkel, Y; Taddei, C; Schneider, F; Metz-Boutigue, MH.

Cateslytin, a Chromogranin A Derived Peptide Is Active against Staphylococcus aureus and Resistant to Degradation by Its Proteases (Article de journal)

PLoS One, 8 (7), p. e68993, 2013.

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Atmanene, C; Wagner-Rousset, E; Corvaïa, N; Dorsselaer, Van A; Beck, A; Sanglier-Cianférani, S

Noncovalent mass spectrometry for the characterization of antibody/antigen complexes (Article de journal)

Methods Mol Biol., 988 , p. 243-68, 2013.

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Beck, A; Diemer, H; Ayoub, D; Debaene, F; Wagner-Rousset, E; Carapito, C; Dorsselaer, Van A; Sanglier-Cianferani, S

Analytical characterization of biosimilar antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins (Article de journal)

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 48 , p. 81-95, 2013.


Dell'Aglio, Elisa; Giustini, Cécile; Salvi, Daniel; Brugière, Sabine; Delpierre, Faustine; Moyet, Lucas; Baudet, Mathieu; Seigneurin-Berny, Daphné; Matringe, Michel; Ferro, Myriam; Rolland, Norbert; Curien, Gilles

Complementary biochemical approaches applied to the identification of plastidial calmodulin-binding proteins. (Article de journal)

Molecular bioSystems, 9 (6), p. 1234-48, 2013.

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Beck, A; Wagner-Rousset, E; Ayoub, D; Dorsselaer, Van A; Sanglier-Cianferani, S

Characterization of therapeutic antibodies and related products (Article de journal)

Anal Chem, 85 (2), p. 715-36, 2013, ISSN: 1520-6882 (Electronic) 0003-2700 (Linking).

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Bertaccini, D; Vaca, S; Carapito, C; Arsène-Ploetze, F; Dorsselaer, Van A; Schaeffer-Reiss, C

An Improved Stable Isotope N-Terminal Labeling Approach with Light/Heavy TMPP To Automate Proteogenomics Data Validation: dN-TOP (Article de journal)

J Proteom Res, 12 (6), p. 3063-70, 2013.

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Robert-Genthon, Mylène; Casabona, Maria Guillermina; Neves, David; Couté, Yohann; Cicéron, Félix; Elsen, Sylvie; Dessen, Andréa; Attrée, Ina

Unique features of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa α2-macroglobulin homolog (Article de journal)

mBio, 4 (4), 2013.

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Philippe, Nadège; Legendre, Matthieu; Doutre, Gabriel; Couté, Yohann; Poirot, Olivier; Lescot, Magali; Arslan, Defne; Seltzer, Virginie; Bertaux, Lionel; Bruley, Christophe; Garin, Jérome; Claverie, Jean-Michel; Abergel, Chantal

Pandoraviruses: amoeba viruses with genomes up to 2.5 Mb reaching that of parasitic eukaryotes (Article de journal)

Science (New York, N.Y.), 341 (6143), p. 281-286, 2013.

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