Large scale protein identification and quantification

Current proteomics methods and instrumentation represent today a powerful tool to get new insights into complex biological systems.

Targeted quantification

Targeted strategies have emerged ten years ago and are best suited when precise, idealy absolute, quantification of finite sets of proteins are required with highest sensitivity.

Post-translational modifications: detection and quantification

Proteins are very often the subject of various post-tanslational modifications (PTMs) that can impact their association with other proteins and globally other biomolecules, their subcellular localization ans their stability.

Interactomics and protein complexes

Interactomics and protein complexes investigations are also based on our strategies and instrumentation for large scale and targeted quantification.

Characterization of intact proteins and complexes

The next frontiers in proteome research are the study of protein-ligand interactions, protein-peptide and protein-protein complexes, together with entire protein interaction networks by high-throughput methods.