How to Submit a Request

ProFI is a national infrastructure developing methodological innovations in the field of proteomic analysis, particularly in data processing (Proline link). ProFI offers a service to the scientific community, from academic or private sectors. ProFI provides its expertise (trained staff and advanced instrumentation) for the realization of projects requiring proteomic analyzes.

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The ProFI infrastructure proposes its services in collaboration or as fee-for-service.

  • Collaboration: concerns analyses that will be carried out in a context where intellectual property is shared.
  • Service: concerns analyzes that will be carried out in a context where there is no sharing of intellectual property

For these two service offers, depending on the scope of the request, either a contract (e.g. ANR projects, INCa etc.) or a quote with an invoice will be established. For any request with a quote, this one will be issued by one of the ProFI sites, signed by the customer and accompanied by a purchase order before any realization. The rates applied are specific to each type of offer and will be the subject of an estimate.

ProFI offers the following services:

  • Protein identification
  • Large-scale relative quantification
  • Targeted quantification
  • Detection and quantification of post-translational modifications interactomics
  • Interactomics
  • Characterization of intact proteins and complexes
  • Other types of analysis (to be specified)

If a given ProFI platform is chosen, the request will be taken into account directly by the manager of the platform concerned. Otherwise, ProFI platform managers will come back to you to offer you a ProFI platform, according to the expertise and schedule required.

The request is validated, or invalidated, by the platform managers and / or the ProFI steering committee.

When a request is validated, a project manager is appointed and takes charge of carrying out the analysis, up to the results report, which can be made available on the ProFI customer area (secure access).

A discussion with a platform manager in order to assess the feasibility, to plan the optimal experimental plan is recommended before any project acceptance.

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