List of ProFI tools to designed for data processing automation...

MS-Angel GUI

The MS-Angel Graphical User Interface can be used to define data processing workflows involving several steps such as file conversions, MS/MS searches, search results import in Proline, Proline results validation & quantification.

Important note: it is mandatory to first install the Proline Web extension (see above) to take advantage of the MS Angel tool. You can find the MS-Angel documentation here.

  • MSAngel v0.5.0 : set up data processing workflows including Proline algorithms.
    Warning: not compatible with Proline v2.0.

mzDB Wizard

This tool allows user to easily convert raw files to mzdb (for XIC quantitation) and upload them on server side. This application embed the recommended version of raw2mzdb converter. You can find the mzDB Wizard documentation here.