Bioorganic Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry laboratory (LSMBO) belongs to the Institut Plurisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC) of the University of Strasbourg.

The LSMBO is hosting an IBiSA-certified proteomic platform (Strasbourg Grand Est Proteomic Platform) and is the Strasbourg node of the French Proteomic Infrastructure (ProFI). The LSMBO is a 35 scientists team that has a 30 year-experience in the structural study of peptides and proteins by mass spectrometry. The laboratory is renowned for developing new methods in proteomic analysis, bioinformatics and structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of protein/protein interactions in large complexes. Besides that, long term collaborations with several pharmaceutical companies cover topics such as full characterization of natural and/or recombinant proteins used in human therapy, toxicoproteomics, protein/drug interaction.