Proteome Pole of Montpellier (PPM)

Structural characterization of protein complexes, clinical proteomics, interactomics (MS and SPR)

The Proteome Pole of Montpellier (CNRS, INSERM, University of Montpellier, CHU, INRAe) is a four-site proteomics facility gathering technologies and complementary expertise in various fields of proteomics and mass spectrometry. It is part of BioCampus Montpellier (UAR 3426 CNRS – US 09 INSERM – University of Montpellier), which manages the major technological platforms in the field of biology and health of Montpellier. PPM is an IBiSA platform since 2009 and is ISO 9001/v2015 certified for “Research and expertise in proteomics”.
PPM became a ProFI-Core node in 2023.

Thanks to the expertise of its staff and the various state-of-the-art technologies available at the different sites, PPM provides solutions in proteomics at high international standards. In addition to large-scale quantitative proteomics analyses that are routinely carried out, PPM is recognized as an expert platform in the following fields: clinical proteomics, molecular, functional, and structural characterization of protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions by mass spectrometry and surface plasmon resonance, large-scale and targeted phosphoproteomics in plant and animal biology.

Contacts: Martial Séveno (Scientific Director) and Christophe Hirtz (Deputy Scientific Director).