ProteoToul Services is a high-end facility in proteomics and structural mass spectrometry.

Our long-lasting expertise in mass spectrometry and proteomics permits us to conduct a variety of strategies to identify and quantify complex proteomes and to characterize proteins


The range of services is regularly enriched with up-to-date methodologies developed thanks to the integrated work and shared expertise of ProteoToul Services with ProteoToul Research.

ProteoToul Services offers several types of analyses that cover all aspects of proteomics from protein identification to large-scale differential quantitative analysis of complex proteomes.

Post-translational modifications analysis either on a single protein or on a global scale can be performed as well as identification and quantification of protein partners. Targeted proteomics analyses can also be implemented for the validation and quantification of proteins of particular interest.

Complementary structural mass spectrometry approaches have been set up and are available for the characterization of intact proteins and the analysis of protein assemblies.

A wide range of application domains are handled (e.g. animal and plant biology, health, microbiology).


MS-based proteomics is a rapidly evolving field. ProteoToul Services is equipped with the latest generations of mass spectrometers coupled to chromatographic systems (nanoLC-MS/MS) for data acquisition and with dedicated bioinformatics tools for data analysis.


ProteoToul Services works with academic laboratories and private companies. Depending on the objective of the projects, these are handled as fee-for-service for individual analyses or as a collaborative funded research project.


A service or research contract can also be established with industrial partners.


ProteoToul Services follows a quality management system and is certified ISO 9001 since 2006 and NFX 50-900 since 2014.