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Lazar, Ikrame; Clement, Emily; Ducoux-Petit, Manuelle; Denat, Laurence; Soldan, Vanessa; Dauvillier, Stéphanie; Balor, Stéphanie; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile; Larue, Lionel; Muller, Catherine; Nieto, Laurence

Proteome characterization of melanoma exosomes reveals a specific signature for metastatic cell lines Article de journal

Dans: Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research, vol. 28, no. 4, p. 464–475, 2015.

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Aubry, A; Galiacy, S; Ceccato, L; Marchand, C; Tricoire, C; Lopez, F; Bremner, R; Racaud-Sultan, C; Monsarrat, B; Malecaze, F; Allouche, M

Peptides derived from the dependence receptor ALK are proapoptotic for ALK-positive tumors. Article de journal

Dans: Cell death & disease, vol. 6, no. 5, p. e1736, 2015.

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Champleboux, Morgane; Govin, Jérôme

Bromodomains shake the hegemony of pan-acetyl antibodies Article de journal

Dans: Proteomics, vol. 15, no. 9, p. 1457-1458, 2015.

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Pichon, Frédéric; Destercke, Sébastien; Burger, Thomas

A consistency-specificity trade-off to select source behavior in information fusion Article de journal

Dans: IEEE transactions on cybernetics, vol. 45, no. 4, p. 598-609, 2015.

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Bouyssié, David; Dubois, Marc; Nasso, Sara; Peredo, Anne Gonzalez; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile; Aebersold, Ruedi; Monsarrat, Bernard

mzDB: A File Format Using Multiple Indexing Strategies for the Efficient Analysis of Large LC-MS/MS and SWATH-MS Data Sets Article de journal

Dans: Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, vol. 14, no. 3, p. 771–781, 2015.

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Zaccaria, Affif; Roux-Dalvai, Florence; Bouamrani, Ali; Mombrun, Adrien; Mossuz, Pascal; Monsarrat, Bernard; Berger, François

Accessing to the minor proteome of red blood cells through the influence of the nanoparticle surface properties on the corona composition. Article de journal

Dans: International journal of nanomedicine, vol. 10, p. 1869–83, 2015.

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Boal, Frédéric; Mansour, Rana; Gayral, Marion; Saland, Estelle; Chicanne, Gaëtan; Xuereb, Jean-Marie; Marcellin, Marlène; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile; Sansonetti, Philippe J.; Payrastre, Bernard; Tronchère, Hélène

TOM1 is a PI5P effector involved in the regulation of endosomal maturation Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Cell Science, vol. 128, no. 4, p. 815–827, 2015.

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Lebert, Dorothée; Louwagie, Mathilde; Goetze, Sandra; Picard, Guillaume; Ossola, Reto; Duquesne, Caroline; Basler, Konrad; Ferro, Myriam; Rinner, Oliver; Aebersold, Ruedi; Garin, Jérôme; Mouz, Nicolas; Brunner, Erich; Brun, Virginie

DIGESTIF: a universal quality standard for the control of bottom-up proteomics experiments Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Proteome Research, vol. 14, no. 2, p. 787–803, 2015.

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Kessentini, Yousri; Burger, Thomas; Paquet, Thierry

A Dempster–Shafer Theory based combination of handwriting recognition systems with multiple rejection strategies Article de journal

Dans: Pattern Recognition, vol. 48, no. 2, p. 534-544, 2015.

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Quinternet, M; Rothé, B; Barbier, M; Bobo, C; Saliou, JM.; Jacquemin, C; Back, R; Chagot, ME.; S., Cianférani; Meyer, P; Branlant, C; Charpentier, B; Manival, X

Structure/Function Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions Developed by the Yeast Pih1 Platform Protein and Its Partners in Box C/D snoRNP Assembly. Article de journal

Dans: J Mol Biol., vol. 427, no. 17, p. 2816-2839., 2015.


Ramus, C; Hovasse, A; Marcellin, M; Hesse, AM.; Mouton-Barbosa, E; Bouyssié, D; Vaca, S; Carapito, C; Chaoui, K; Bruley, C; Garin, J; Cianférani, S; Ferro, M; Dorssaeler, A Van; Burlet-Schiltz, O; Schaeffer, C; Couté, Y; Peredo, A Gonzalez

Spiked proteomic standard dataset for testing label-free quantitative software and statistical methods. Article de journal

Dans: Data Brief., vol. 6, p. 286-94., 2015.


Saliou, JM.; Manival, X; Tillault, AS.; Atmanene, C; Bobo, C; Branlant, C; Dorsselaer, A Van; Charpentier, B; Cianférani, S

Combining native MS approaches to decipher archaeal box H/ACA ribonucleoprotein particle structure and activity. Article de journal

Dans: Proteomics, vol. 15, no. 16, p. 2851-2861., 2015.


Schnell, G; Boeuf, A; Jaulhac, B; Boulanger, N; Collin, E; Barthel, C; Martino, S De; Ehret-Sabatier, L

Proteomic analysis of three Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato native species and disseminating clones: Relevance for Lyme vaccine design. Article de journal

Dans: Proteomics, vol. 15, p. 1280–1290, 2015.


Schnell, G; Boeuf, A; Westermann, B; Jaulhac, B; Lipsker, D; Carapito, C; Boulanger, N; Ehret-Sabatier, L

Discovery and targeted proteomics on cutaneous biopsies infected by borrelia to investigate lyme disease. Article de journal

Dans: Mol Cell Proteomics, vol. 14, no. 5, p. 1254-64., 2015.


Simonneau, C; Leclercq, B; Mougel, A; Adriaenssens, E; Paquet, C; Raibaut, L; Ollivier, N; Drobecq, H; Marcoux, J; Cianferani, S; Tulasne, D; Jonge, H; Melnyk, O; Vicogne, J

Semi-synthesis of a HGF/SF kringle one (K1) domain scaffold generates a potent in vivo MET receptor agonist Article de journal

Dans: Chem. Sci., vol. 6, p. 2110-2121, 2015.


Stojko, J; Fieulaine, S; Petiot-Bécard, S; Dorsselaer, A Van; Meinnel, T; Giglione, C; Cianférani, S

Ion mobility coupled to native mass spectrometry as a relevant tool to investigate extremely small ligand-induced conformational changes Article de journal

Dans: Analyst, vol. 140, p. 7234, 2015.


Triboulet, S; Aude-Garcia, C; Armand, L; Collin-Faure, V; Chevallet, M; Diemer, H; Gerdil, A; Proamer, F; Strub, JM.; Habert, A; Herlin, N; Dorsselaer, A Van; Carrière, M; Rabilloud, T

Comparative proteomic analysis of the molecular responses of mouse macrophages to titanium dioxide and copper oxide nanoparticles unravels some toxic mechanisms for copper oxide nanoparticles in macrophages. Article de journal

Dans: PLoS One, vol. 10, no. 4, p. e0124496, 2015.


Jacome, A -S Vaca; Rabilloud, T; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Rompais, M; Ayoub, D; Lane, L; Bairoch, A; Dorsselaer, A Van; Carapito, C

N-terminome analysis of the human mitochondrial proteome. Article de journal

Dans: Proteomics., vol. 15, no. 14, p. 2519-2524., 2015.


Fabre, Bertrand; Lambour, Thomas; Garrigues, Luc; Amalric, François; Vigneron, Nathalie; Menneteau, Thomas; Stella, Alexandre; Monsarrat, Bernard; Eynde, Benoît Van; Burlet-Schiltz, Odile; Bousquet-Dubouch, Marie-Pierre

Deciphering preferential interactions within supramolecular protein complexes: the proteasome case. Article de journal

Dans: Molecular systems biology, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 771, 2015.

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A receptor pair with an integrated decoy converts pathogen disabling of transcription factors to immunity Article de journal

Dans: Cell, vol. 161, no. 5, p. 1074–1088, 2015, ISSN: 0092-8674 10974172.

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Ait-Ali, N.; Fridlich, R.; Millet-Puel, G.; Clerin, E.; Delalande, F.; Jaillard, C.; Blond, F.; Perrocheau, L.; Reichman, S.; Byrne, L. C.; Olivier-Bandini, A.; Bellalou, J.; Moyse, E.; Bouillaud, F.; Nicol, X.; Dalkara, D.; Dorsselaer, A.; Sahel, J. A.; Leveillard, T.

Rod-Derived Cone Viability Factor Promotes Cone Survival by Stimulating Aerobic Glycolysis Article de journal

Dans: Cell, vol. 161, no. 4, p. 817-832, 2015, ISSN: 1097-4172 (Electronic) 0092-8674 (Linking).

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Arsène-Ploetze, F.; Bertin, P. N.; Carapito, C.

Proteomic tools to decipher microbial community structure and functioning. Article de journal

Dans: Environ Sci Pollut Res Int., vol. 22, no. 18, p. 13599-612, 2015.


Mazzoleni, Meryl; Figuet, Sylvie; Martin-Laffon, Jacqueline; Mininno, Morgane; Gilgen, Annabelle; Leroux, Mélanie; Brugière, Sabine; Tardif, Marianne; Alban, Claude; Ravanel, Stéphane

Dual Targeting of the Protein Methyltransferase PrmA Contributes to Both Chloroplastic and Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein L11 Methylation in Arabidopsis Article de journal

Dans: Plant & Cell Physiology, vol. 56, p. 1697-1710, 2015.

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Ayoub, D; Bertaccini, D; Diemer, H; Wagner-Rousset, E; Colas, O; Cianferani, S; Dorsselaer, A Van; Beck, A; Schaeffer-Reiss, C

Characterization of the N Terminal Heterogeneities of Monoclonal Antibodies Using In-Gel Charge Derivatization of α-Amines and LC-MS/MS Article de journal

Dans: Anal Chem, vol. 87, no. 7, p. 3784-3790., 2015.


Beck, A; Debaene, F; Diemer, H; Wagner-Rousset, E; Colas, O; Dorsselaer, A Van; Cianférani, S

Cutting-edge mass spectrometry characterization of originator, biosimilar and biobetter antibodies Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 50, no. 2, p. 285–297, 2015.


Beck, A; S., Cianferani

Harness the benefits of mass spectrometry for in-depth ADC analytical characterization. Article de journal

Dans: LCGC, Advances in Biopharmaceutical Analysis, vol. October 2015, p. 24-28, 2015.


Reichmann, Debora; Couté, Yohann; Choudens, Sandrine Ollagnier

Dual Activity of Quinolinate Synthase: Triose Phosphate Isomerase and Dehydration Activities Play Together To Form Quinolinate Article de journal

Dans: Biochemistry, vol. 54, no. 42, p. 6443-6446, 2015.

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Legendre, Matthieu; Lartigue, Audrey; Bertaux, Lionel; Jeudy, Sandra; Bartoli, Julia; Lescot, Magali; Alempic, Jean-Marie; Ramus, Claire; Bruley, Christophe; Labadie, Karine; Shmakova, Lyubov; Rivkina, Elizaveta; Couté, Yohann; Abergel, Chantal; Claverie, Jean-Michel

In-depth study of Mollivirus sibericum, a new 30,000-y-old giant virus infecting Acanthamoeba Article de journal

Dans: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 112, no. 38, p. E5327-5335, 2015.

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Vilmont, Valérie; Filhol, Odile; Hesse, Anne-Marie; Couté, Yohann; Hue, Christophe; Rémy-Tourneur, Léa; Mistou, Sylvie; Cochet, Claude; Chiocchia, Gilles

Modulatory role of the anti-apoptotic protein kinase CK2 in the sub-cellular localization of Fas associated death domain protein (FADD) Article de journal

Dans: Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta, vol. 1853, no. 11 Pt A, p. 2885-2896, 2015.

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Bonnefond, L; Stojko, J; Mailliot, J; Troffer-Charlier, N; Cura, V; Wurtz, J -M; S., Cianférani; Cavarelli, J

Functional insights from high resolution structures of mouse protein arginine methyltransferase 6. Article de journal

Dans: J Struct Biol., vol. 191, p. 175–183, 2015.


Roux, Clémentine Le; Huet, Gaëlle; Jauneau, Alain; Camborde, Laurent; Trémousaygue, Dominique; Kraut, Alexandra; Zhou, Binbin; Levaillant, Marie; Adachi, Hiroaki; Yoshioka, Hirofumi; Raffaele, Sylvain; Berthomé, Richard; Couté, Yohann; Parker, Jane E; Deslandes, Laurent

A receptor pair with an integrated decoy converts pathogen disabling of transcription factors to immunity Article de journal

Dans: Cell, vol. 161, no. 5, p. 1074–1088, 2015.

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Penzo, Marianna; Rocchi, Laura; Brugiere, Sabine; Carnicelli, Domenica; Onofrillo, Carmine; Couté, Yohann; Brigotti, Maurizio; Montanaro, Lorenzo

Human ribosomes from cells with reduced dyskerin levels are intrinsically altered in translation Article de journal

Dans: FASEB journal: official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, vol. 29, no. 8, p. 3472–3482, 2015.

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Chassefeyre, Romain; Martínez-Hernández, José; Bertaso, Federica; Bouquier, Nathalie; Blot, Béatrice; Laporte, Marine; Fraboulet, Sandrine; Couté, Yohann; Devoy, Anny; Isaacs, Adrian M; Pernet-Gallay, Karin; Sadoul, Rémy; Fagni, Laurent; Goldberg, Yves

Regulation of postsynaptic function by the dementia-related ESCRT-III subunit CHMP2B Article de journal

Dans: The Journal of Neuroscience: The Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, vol. 35, no. 7, p. 3155-3173, 2015.

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Couderc, Christophe; Bollard, Julien; Couté, Yohann; Massoma, Patrick; Poncet, Gilles; Lepinasse, Florian; Hervieu, Valérie; Gadot, Nicolas; Sanchez, Jean-Charles; Scoazec, Jean-Yves; Diaz, Jean-Jacques; Roche, Colette

Mechanisms of local invasion in enteroendocrine tumors: identification of novel candidate cytoskeleton-associated proteins in an experimental mouse model by a proteomic approach and validation in human tumors Article de journal

Dans: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, vol. 399, p. 154–163, 2015.

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Vanhove, Audrey Sophie; Duperthuy, Marylise; Charrière, Guillaume M; Roux, Frédérique Le; Goudenège, David; Gourbal, Benjamin; Kieffer-Jaquinod, Sylvie; Couté, Yohann; Wai, Sun Nyunt; Destoumieux-Garzón, Delphine

Outer membrane vesicles are vehicles for the delivery of Vibrio tasmaniensis virulence factors to oyster immune cells Article de journal

Dans: Environmental Microbiology, vol. 17, no. 4, p. 1152–1165, 2015, ISSN: 1462-2920.

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Dorier, M; Brun, E; Veronesi, G; Barreau, F; Pernet-Gallay, K; Desvergne, C; Rabilloud, T; Carapito, C; Herlin-Boime, N; Carrière, M

Impact of anatase and rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles on uptake carriers and efflux pumps in Caco-2 gut epithelial cells. Article de journal

Dans: Nanoscale, vol. 7, no. 16, p. 7352-60., 2015.


Sage, Eric; Brenac, Ariel; Alava, Thomas; Morel, Robert; Dupré, Cécilia; Hanay, Mehmet Selim; Roukes, Michael L; Duraffourg, Laurent; Masselon, Christophe; Hentz, Sébastien

Neutral particle mass spectrometry with nanomechanical systems Article de journal

Dans: Nature Communications, vol. 6, p. 6482, 2015.

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Court, Magali; Garin, Jérôme; Masselon, Christophe D

Urine sample preparation and fractionation for global proteome profiling by LC-MS Article de journal

Dans: Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), vol. 1243, p. 175-186, 2015.

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Ethuin, P; Marlard, S; Delosiere, M; Carapito, C; Delalande, F; Dorsselaer, A Van; Dehaut, A; Lencel, V; Duflos, G; Grard, T

Differentiation between fresh and frozen–thawed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fillets using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis Article de journal

Dans: Food Chemistry, vol. 176, no. 2015, p. 294-301, 2015.


Jakobi, S; Nguyen, PT.; Debaene, F; Cianférani, S; Reuter, K; Klebe, G

What Glues a Homodimer Together: Systematic Analysis of the Stabilizing Effect of an Aromatic Hot Spot in the Protein-Protein Interface of the tRNA-modifying Enzyme Tgt. Article de journal

Dans: ACS Chem Biol., vol. 10, no. 8, p. 1897-1907., 2015.


Mladenov, Petko; Finazzi, Giovanni; Bligny, Richard; Moyankova, Daniela; Zasheva, Diana; Boisson, Anne-Marie; Brugière, Sabine; Krasteva, Vasilena; Alipieva, Kalina; Simova, Svetlana; Tchorbadjieva, Magdalena; Goltsev, Vasiliy; Ferro, Myriam; Rolland, Norbert; Djilianov, Dimitar

In vivo spectroscopy and NMR metabolite fingerprinting approaches to connect the dynamics of photosynthetic and metabolic phenotypes in resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis during desiccation and recovery Article de journal

Dans: Frontiers in Plant Science, vol. 6, p. 564, 2015.

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Kern, A; Schnell, G; Bernard, Q; Bœuf, A; Jaulhac, B; Collin, E; Barthel, C; Ehret-Sabatier, L; Boulanger, N

Heterogeneity of Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Stricto Population and Its Involvement in Borrelia Pathogenicity: Study on Murine Model with Specific Emphasis on the Skin Interface. Article de journal

Dans: PLoS One., vol. 10, no. 7, p. e0133195., 2015.


Khammari, I; Lakhal, S; Westermann, B; Benkahla, A; Bouratbine, A; Dorsselaer, A Van; Saïd, M Ben; Schaeffer-Reiss, C; Saghrouni, F

Characterization of Soluble and Membrane-Bound Proteins of Toxoplasma gondii as Diagnostic Markers of Infection Article de journal

Dans: J Bacteriol Parasitol, vol. 6, p. 239, 2015.


Kolodych, S; Koniev, O; Baatarkhuu, Z; Bonnefoy, JY; Debaene, F; Cianférani, S; Dorsselaer, A Van; Wagner, A

CBTF: New Amine-to-Thiol Coupling Reagent for Preparation of Antibody Conjugates with Increased Plasma Stability. Article de journal

Dans: Bioconjug Chem, vol. 26, no. 2, p. 197-200, 2015.


Koniev, O; Kolodych, S; Baatarkhuu, Z; Stojko, J; Eberova, J; Bonnefoy, J -Y; Cianférani, S; Dorsselaer, A Van; Wagner, A

MAPN: First-in-Class Reagent for Kinetically Resolved Thiol-to-Thiol Conjugation. Article de journal

Dans: Bioconjug Chem., vol. 26, no. 9, p. 1863-1867., 2015.


Lebert, Dorothée; Picard, Guillaume; Beau-Larvor, Charlotte; Troncy, Lysiane; Lacheny, Christine; Maynadier, Bernadette; Low, Walter; Mouz, Nicolas; Brun, Virginie; Klinguer-Hamour, Christine; Jaquinod, Michel; Beck, Alain

Absolute and multiplex quantification of antibodies in serum using PSAQ™ standards and LC-MS/MS Article de journal

Dans: Bioanalysis, vol. 7, no. 10, p. 1237-1251, 2015.

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Leveillard, T; Dorsselaer, A Van; Sahel, J A

Altruisme dans la rétine : les bâtonnets nourrissent les cônes. Altruism in the retina: sticks feed cones Article de journal

Dans: Medecine sciences, vol. 31, p. 828-830, 2015.


Marcoux, J; Champion, T; Colas, O; Wagner-Rousset, E; Corvaïa, N; Dorsselaer, A Van; Beck, A; Cianférani, S

Native mass spectrometry and ion mobility characterization of trastuzumab emtansine, a lysine-linked antibody drug conjugate. Article de journal

Dans: Protein Sci., vol. 24, p. 1210-1223, 2015.


Marcoux, J; Cianférani, S

Towards integrative structural mass spectrometry: Benefits from hybrid approaches. Article de journal

Dans: Methods, vol. 89, p. 4-12, 2015.


PP, Porcari Degiacomi MT Verona Taylor GW Giorgetti Raimondi Sanglier-Cianférani Benesch JL Cecconi Naqvi MM Gillmore JD Hawkins PN Stoppini Robinson CV Pepys MB Bellotti R G S S S C M V Marcoux J Mangione

A novel mechano-enzymatic cleavage mechanism underlies transthyretin amyloidogenesis. Article de journal

Dans: EMBO Mol Med., vol. 7, no. 10, p. 1337-49., 2015.


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