The small nucleolar particles of the C/D box snoRNP family participate in the biogenesis of ribosomes whose function is to decode the information carried by mRNA to synthesize proteins. Teams from the IMoPA (Nancy), IPHC/LSMBO/ProFI-Strasbourg (Strasbourg), GIM (Paris) and IGH (Montpellier) laboratories of the ANR snoRNPASSEMBLY consortium have just published a paper in the journal Nature Communications that describes genetic and physical links between snoRNP assembly factors and factors controlling chromatin architecture.

Bragantini, B., Charron, C., Bourguet, M. et al. The box C/D snoRNP assembly factor Bcd1 interacts with the histone chaperone Rtt106 and controls its transcription dependent activity. Nat Commun 12, 1859 (2021).