January 2019: Discovering the open-source Proline software suite, a new efficient and user friendly solution for label-free quantification during EuBIC Winter School

DDA Label-free quantification based on precursor ion intensity is a widely used method for quantifying differentially expressed proteins across different conditions or samples. An ideal software solution should allow the production of reliable and comprehensive results, and be flexible enough to allow the integration of existing tools without compromising ease-of-use. To meet these objectives we developed the Proline software, a next-generation tool based on a modular data processing toolbox. This tool constitutes a very interesting alternative to competing solutions, combining robustness, performance, modularity and user-friendliness.

This workshop will be a good opportunity to discover the data processing functionalities of Proline and also the various visualization tools integrated in the Proline-Zero desktop application. After a short introduction of the main software features, we will follow several tutorials aiming at providing a global overview of the tool. During this hands-on session, we will run an the data analysis of a standard dataset composed of an equimolar mixture of 48 human proteins (UPS1, Sigma) spiked at different concentrations into a yeast cell lysate background.

Tutorial files can be downloaded here :