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The MetaboHUB and ProFI national infrastructures are organizing a joint day in Toulouse on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. During the

This new release improves the PTMs oriented functionalities. The previous version introduced a clear distinction between modification sites and clusters

The integration of multi-omics data is a major approach for the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms and the discovery of biomarkers

This new version is an intermediate release which fixes some bugs and improves some features : see Release Note to

New version of Proline Suite is available ! Download this version here. This release adds two new interesting features to

Along with the publication of the “Blueprint” map of the Human Proteome in Nature Communications, JPR has just published a

We are pleased and very proud to announce the publication of Proline in Bioinformatics. Motivation The proteomics field requires the production

Vandenbrouck Y, Christiany D, Combes F, Loux V, Brun V. Bioinformatics Tools and Workflow to Select Blood Biomarkers for Early

Chiumento S, Roblin C, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Tachon S, Leprètre C, Basset C, Aditiyarini D, Olleik H, Nicoletti C, Bornet O,

Overview With the increased production of proteomic data, one of the major challenges lies in our ability to annotate and