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[Épinglé] RServer Error in DataAnalyzer

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When running Functions or Graphics from DataAnalyzer, if the following error occurs it may be because the R.exe wasn't found by Proline Studio.
This error dialog is displayed when clicking on the "red x" of DataAnalyzer box. 


To resolve this problem, you should :

  1. Rename <path_to_proline_Studio>\prolinestudio\R\bin\R.exe into <path_to_proline_Studio>\prolinestudio\R\bin\R.exe.HS
  2. Edit the Proline Studio preference file. This file ( should be under user directory. 
    On Windows 7 system the file is in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.prolinestudio\dev\config
    • For 32bits OS 
    • For 64bits OS 
      RServerExePath=<path_to_proline_Studio>\prolinestudio\R\\bin\\x64\\R.exeAdd the following line in the file (replacing <path_to_proline_Studio> with your full path)
  3. Restart Proline Studio