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[Épinglé] AdminGUI on Linux: Could not find or load main class fr.proline.admin.gui.Main

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When launching Proline Admin GUI under a linux system (using, the following error may occur :

"Could not find or load main class fr.proline.admin.gui.Main"

This is du to an incompatible Java distribution (OpenJDK), which do not integrate JavaFX packages. 
To correct the probleme you could :

  1. Install Oracle Java distribution (see Java Download page) Recommended
  2. Or add openjfx to your current java installation

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I am a new menber and still not very familiar with this forum.

Anyway, my problem is with Proline Zero label free quantification. I get the following error message

Error while quantifying the dataset because requirement failed: MS2 matching frequency must be a number between 0 and 1, but not 2.0


I would be most grateful for any help.

And apologies for probably posting in the wrong place.



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No problem for posting your question "in the wrong place" as long as we find it ! You can of course create a new post for any new question.


Concerning your problem, indeed, there was a strict test which has been released in last version , Proline 2.1.2...

Which version do you use ? 

If you need to update your Proline Zero Version, we could help you migrating your data in order to not have to process your result again.


Best Regards