The integration of multi-omics data is a major approach for the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms and the discovery of biomarkers in health. However, few multi-omics data are publicly available to date.

In a study recently published in the open data reference journal Scientific Data1, the four French Infrastructures (INBS) in Mouse Phenogenomics (Phenomin-ICS;, Proteomics (ProFI;, Metabolomics and Fluxomics (MetaboHUB; and Bioinformatics (IFB; have joined forces to develop and make available the data and processing pipeline for the characterization of murine samples by combined proteomics and metabolomics approaches.

Nine raw datasets (1 preclinical, 2 proteomic and 6 metabolomic), corresponding to the study of the knock-out mice for the Lat (linker for activation of T cells) and Mx2 genes (MX dynamin-like GTPase 2), are available in the reference repositories (IMPC, PRIDE, and MetaboLights). In addition, the pre-processed data and the bioinformatics analysis pipeline are also available as an open access R package (

The ProMetIS pilot study thus represents a significant advance towards molecular phenotyping of cohorts. In particular, the data provide unique information on the functional characterization of the Lat and Mx2 genes. They will also become a reference for accessibility, reproducibility and interoperability (FAIR criteria) in the field of multi-omics studies. These data will be particularly valuable for developing new approaches for bioinformatic and biostatistic integration.


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